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Emergency Treatment

Due to the unprecedented situation regarding Covid 19 we have had to temporarily close the practice. We have taken this difficult decision to protect our staff and patients from unnecessary risk of infection.  Appointments are limited to the most serious dental emergencies.  

However, Aideen or David will be available to answer your queries. You can contact us by telephone or email.

Call T:01273 711999 M:07394 919946 or email us  aideen@dentistbrighton.co.uk


Common Dental Problems

1.    Partially erupted wisdom teeth. This normally affects the lower wisdom teeth, the third molar at the back of the lower jaw. It can be very uncomfortable especially during the night. It is important to keep all of your teeth clean, a mouthwash such as corsodyl or curaprox used several times a day will help.  Most cases resolve within a few days.

2.    Loose crowns. If you can remove the crown, try and use a dental repair kit from a pharmacy. Practise placing the crown without any cement first. Dry the tooth and crown as best possible and apply the cement, make sure your teeth meet normally.

3.    Sensitivity. Apply a sensitive formula toothpaste over the affected area regularly.

4.    Toothache. Over the counter analgesics are the most effective, check with the pharmacist which is the most appropriate for you if you have any medical conditions. Keep your head elevated at night, take an analgesic just before you go to bed.

5.    Dental cavities and broken teeth. You can purchase dental repair kits from a pharmacy. Pack the material into the cavity, make sure you can close together normally once its in place, try to remove any excess material using dental floss.

6.    Mouth ulcers.  The most common mouth ulcers are called aphthous ulcers, they can be very painful, but usually resolve after approximately 10 days. Keep your teeth as clean as possible a mouth wash may help. If you have an ulcer which doesn’t heal after 2 weeks please contact the dental practice by telephone or email.

7.    Painful gums. Keep your teeth as clean as possible, use inter dental cleaning aids. A mouthwash such as Corsodyl or Peroxyl for a short time will help.


We anticipate our local dental community will be setting up an appropriately equipped emergency dental service, which we will be involved in. We will update our website as soon as these details are released.


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